Webspace for your domain

If you have a domain hosted with us, we will set up what is known as a "Virtual" Web Server for your domain. This is a web server that responds to requests for pages within your domain. There will be links in your home directory to the document and cgi-bin directories for your domain. For example, if you have the domain domain.com you will find links in your home directory called:


You can place static content (such as HTML files) in the html directory, and CGI scripts in the cgi-bin directory. Static content will appear under http://www.domain.com/. CGI scripts will appear under http://www.domain.com/cgi-bin/. CGI scripts are handled using Apache's suExec extension and run under your own user-id. For more information, please see the information on user webspace.

Uploading files

You can upload files to these directories in the same way that you would for your user webspace.

Statistics and logs

You can get statistics for your virtual web server from the User Control Panel. We also make the raw log files available to you to process as you wish. There is a link to these from your home directory, for example:


The log files in this directory are in the Apache “combined” format.