Mailing lists

Hosting accounts

We allow any standard hosting account to create mailing lists for free under their account. We use enemies-of-carlotta for this and you may find the enemies-of-carlotta webpages useful.

You can create or modify a mailing list by going to Yali's control panel or Onza's control panel.
Below is some information about using the mailing lists you create.

Mail addresses

You can email a number of different addresses in order to interact with the list manager.

... subscribelistname-subscribe@yourdomain
... unsubscribelistname-unsubscribe@yourdomain
... get helplistname-help@yourdomain
... post to your listlistname@yourdomain
... contact the list admin (i.e. you) listname-owner@yourdomain

To subscribe or unsubscribe an email address which isn't this one you can append a dash and then the address with the @ changed to a =. e.g. to subscribe to your list you could send a mail to
Joe would still have to confirm this from his address though.


The list archives are placed in ~/.enemies-of-carlotta/listname@yourdomain/archive and are one message per file.

Currently there is no software to display these nicely but this is something we're considering (we may consider it more of a priority if you mail us).

Administrative commands

If you want to get the current list of subscribers you can do so by mailing listname-list@yourdomain from the list admin email address.

If you then want to set the list of subscribers which could remove people and subscribe people, then you can mail the new list of email addresses as a plain text email of one email address per line to listname-setlist@yourdomain. This will cause welcome and goodbye messages to be sent to those being subscribed or removed respectively.

Alternately if you don't want the people you are removing or adding to see the welcome or goodbye message you can email listname-setlistsilently@yourdomain with the list instead.

Note that both the -setlist and the -setlistsilently addresses replace the whole subscriber list so be careful when using them on an active list.