Web and email hosting

The most affordable way to have a permanent online presence. You take full control of both the content of your web site, your unlimited domains and your unlimited email addresses. Free SSL hosting is available on all accounts.

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Shell account

Add the shell access option to turn your hosting account into a shell account, giving you the full power and convenience of the Linux command-line.

Price Disk Monthly Bandwidth  Databases
Redirection only 0GB 25GB
Email only 2GB 25GB
Web 25 5GB 100GB 1
Web 35 10GB 150GB 2
Web 50 15GB 250GB 5
Web 70 25GB 350GB 5
Web 100 40GB 500GB 10
Web 150 100GB 600GB 10
Web 200 150GB 750GB 20
Web 300 250GB 1TB 20
Web 400 400GB 1.5TB 20
Shell access allows you to run commands directly on the server by connecting with ssh