Managed Nextcloud Hosting

Fully managed open source file sharing and collaboration hosting

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Pay for your server annually and get 12 months for the price of 10.

Unlimited users
Disk space Up to 500GB Up to 4TB Up to 80TB
Monthly bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Secure HTTPS hosting 
24/7 service monitoring
Daily backups 
Monitoring of security updates
Schedule software upgrade windows
Choice of UK, EU, or US locations
Install Nextcloud Apps to customise your installation
Data mirrored to hot-spare server in a different data center
From £16/month £44/quarter £160/year
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From £125/month £343.75/quarter £1250/year
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From £600/month £1650/quarter £6000/year
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Managed Nextcloud Hosting

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Nextcloud is the leading open source file sharing and collaboration platform. Our Managed Nextcloud Hosting service gives you the convenience of cloud storage and collaboration whilst staying in full control of your data.

What are Mythic Beasts Managed Applications?

With our managed application hosting, we will install and configure Nextcloud on your choice of virtual or dedicated server. We will take care of the day-to-day running of the platform, with 24/7 monitoring of the application, daily backups, review and installation of security updates for Nextcloud and the underlying operating system.

You get a dedicated Nextcloud installation, configured to your requirements for a fixed monthly fee and backed by our legendary support.

Service options

We offer three levels of Managed Nextcloud Hosting:

  • Shared - a low-cost Nextcloud hosting service on a shared server.
  • Business - your own Nextcloud installation provided on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).
  • Enterprise - your own Nextcloud installation on dedicated hardware, with data mirrored to a hot spare in a different data centre.

No lock-in

Using open source software means that you're not tied to a single cloud provider. Your data remains on your server and you can pick it up and leave at any time. It also removes many of the business continuity concerns associated with using a cloud provider's proprietary software.

Straightforward, sustainable pricing

Our managed hosting services are priced based on the specification of your server, plus a monthly management fee. No loss-leaders, or unsustainable "unlimited storage" plans. With over 20 years of customer-funded growth behind us, we're here for the long run.

You pay for what you need, with no complex usage restrictions or per-usage fees that can quickly increase the price on many cloud services. If you need more space, you can upgrade your service at any time.

Managed hosting

Our Managed Nextcloud Hosting service is built upon our server management platform which includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your server
  • Disk health monitoring (on dedicated servers)
  • IPv6 networking
  • Operating system configuration
  • Security updates
  • Daily backups

More information

For more information on our Managed Nextcloud Hosting service, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

The services described on this page are provided by Mythic Beasts using the Open Source Nextcloud software. They are not backed by or supported by Nextcloud GmbH services.