Virtual Servers

A Virtual Server (or VPS - Virtual Private Server) allows you to get root on your own private server at a fraction of the price of a full dedicated server.

Pay for your server annually and get 12 months for the price of 10.

RAM 512MB 512MB 1GB - 64GB
Virtual CPU cores  1 1 1 - 4
Disk space Up to 10GB Up to 10GB Up to 1TB
RAID (host server) 
Hotswap Hardware RAID (host server) 
Monthly Bandwidth 75GB 75GB 100GB - 4TB
VNC Virtual Console 
Virtual Serial Console 
Multiple data centres 
Choice of Linux distributions 
Ping Monitoring with SMS alerts 
DNS services for your domains 
Full root access
VPS Lite (IPv6-only)
From £5.00/month or £50.00/year
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VPS Lite
From £7.00/month or £70.00/year
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From £12.50/month or £125.00/year
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About our Virtual Servers

Take control of your own server

A Virtual Server gives you access to your own private server, giving you complete control over what software you install. This makes it a great way to host services that can't easily be accomodated on shared hosting, such as node.js, Java webapps, mod_php and Subversion.

What you get with a Virtual Server

A Virtual Server is just like a full dedicated server, and in some ways it is even more convenient. You get root on your own private server, but the hardware that it is running on is shared.

You can access the virtual screen, keyboard and mouse of your server using VNC, even when it is booting or doesn't have networking configured.

Your choice of Operating System

Unlike many providers, we allow you to install your own OS from a CDROM image, rather than requiring you to use a pre-prepared disk image. This gives you a wider choice of operating systems, and gives you complete control over the installation.

We provide a library of CDROM images for popular operating systems, and are happy to add images for any freely available OS on request.

Grow your server to meet your needs

Our Virtual Servers can be upgraded or downgraded at any time and at no extra cost: the price of the new service will be charged pro-rata from the time of the change.

Upgrades typically require just a reboot in order to take effect, although upgrading from a VPS Lite to a full VPS will require us to migrate your server to different hardware.

Optional services

  • Service monitoring. Monitoring of individual services, including HTTP, SSH, and SMTP, with SMS and email alerts in the event of failure.
  • Server management. Let us take responsibility for looking after your server including responding to monitoring alerts 24/7, and applying essential security updates. For more information, see our Managed Hosting page.
  • Backup space. Up to a terabyte of secure private space on one of our backup servers.
  • Server graphs. Monitor your servers, gain insight into performance, see trends, and plan for the future with server graphs.