Virtual Servers

Full root access on your own IPv6-enabled VPS (Virtual Private Server) at a fraction of the price of a full dedicated server.

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Pay for your server annually and get 12 months for the price of 10.

Price RAM Cores Monthly Bandwidth 
VPS 1 1GB 1 500GB
VPS 2 2GB 1 1TB
VPS 3 3GB 1 1.5TB
VPS 4 4GB 2 2TB
VPS 6 6GB 2 3TB
VPS 8 8GB 2 4TB
VPS 12 12GB 4 6TB
VPS 16 16GB 4 8TB
VPS 24 24GB 6 12TB
VPS 32 32GB 6 16TB
VPS 48 48GB 8 24TB
VPS 64 64GB 8 32TB
VPS 96 96GB 8 48TB
VPS 128 128GB 8 64TB
VPS 192 192GB 12 96TB
VPS 256 256GB 16 128TB
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- per TB.


Our full VPS packages are hosted on high-performance server-grade hardware.  We're currently provisioning on 20-core Intel Xeon servers with 8 disk RAID I/O subsytem.  Hotswap hardware RAID means that failed disks on the host are replaced without downtime, and a battery-backup unit allows us to safely enable a large write-cache for the ultimate in I/O performance.

5 960
400 3840
More info about IPv4 connectivity
More info about Managed hosting. Includes 50GB of backup space.
10 4800
50 4800
Online backup space, mirrored to a second site