Our full VPS packages are hosted on server-grade hosts. This guarantees you the ultimate in performance, stability, and reliability.

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Pay for your server annually and get 12 months for the price of 10.

Price RAM Disk Monthly Bandwidth 
VPS 1 1GB 20GB 500GB
VPS 2 2GB 40GB 1TB
VPS 4 4GB 80GB 2TB
VPS 8 8GB 160GB 3TB
VPS 16 16GB 320GB 4TB
VPS 32 32GB 640GB 6TB
VPS 64 64GB 1.2TB 8TB
VPS 128 128GB 2.5TB 16TB
VPS 160 160GB 3.1TB 24TB
Excess data charge

5.0p per GB.


Our full VPS packages are hosted on high-performance server-grade hardware.  We're currently provisioning on 12-core Intel Ivy Bridge servers with 8 disk RAID I/O subsytem.  Hotswap hardware RAID means that failed disks on the host are replaced without downtime, and a battery-backup unit allows us to safely enable a large write-cache for the ultimate in I/O performance.

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