Dedicated Servers

A server of your own running on dedicated hardware connected to our network via a 1Gbps switch port (10Gbps available). All our servers include, as standard, IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, SMS monitoring alerts, DNS services and much more.

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Pay for your server annually and get 12 months for the price of 10.

RAM 32GB - 64GB 64GB - 1TB
CPU cores 4 - 8 8 - 32
Disk space Up to 312.5TB Up to 156.2TB
Hotswap Hardware RAID 
Battery-backed write cache 
Serial Console
Choice of Linux distributions 
Ping Monitoring with SMS alerts 
DNS services for your domains 
Instant Powercycle
Network Recovery Mode
Full root access
Software RAID
From £112/month £308/quarter £1120/year
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Hardware RAID
From £232/month £638/quarter £2320/year
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Remote Server Management

Managing a server in a remote data centre can be a daunting prospect. Our servers come with a number of features to make it easy:

  • Instant power cycles. Reboot your server immediately through our control panel.
  • Network recovery mode. Access your server's filesystem remotely, even if it has become unbootable.
  • Serial console Access your server's console throughout the boot process.

Our Remote Server Management features put you in control: no need to raise a ticket and wait for an engineer to power cycle your machine, or arrange a KVMoIP session.

Optional Services

  • Service monitoring. Monitoring of individual services, including HTTP, SSH, and SMTP, with SMS and email alerts in the event of failure.
  • Server management. Let us take responsibility for looking after your server including responding to monitoring alerts 24/7, and applying essential security updates. For more information, see our Managed Hosting.
  • Backup space. Up to a terabyte of secure private space on one of our backup servers.
  • Server graphs. Monitor your servers, gain insight into performance, see trends, and plan for the future with server graphs.

Bandwidth options

Our standard packages include a data allowance which is applied to the greater of your incoming and outgoing bandwidth. Any excess is charged at the rate listed. If you know you'll need more than the standard quota, please contact us for a quote.

Alternatively, we can provide an unmetered connection, where your usage is limited only by the speed of the port that you're connected to, and you will never be charged any excess fees.

A 10Mbps unmetered connection is available as a no cost option for servers in London. Unmetered 100Mbps and 1Gbps connections are also available.

More than one server?

Our server packages are ideal if you're looking to build a solution involving multiple servers for increased performance or resilience:

  • Shared bandwidth quotas. We will pool bandwidth quotas between all your servers (not applicable to unmetered bandwidth option or virtual servers)
  • Geographic diversity. We can arrange to split your servers between different data centres, with independently routed network connectivity.
  • Free inter-site bandwidth. We do not charge for bandwidth between your servers, including traffic between our London sites.

Network and Data Centres

All of our servers are provided in purpose built data centres with generator-backed UPS systems to provide power in the power in the event of mains failure.

Our high bandwidth server packages are hosted in our facilities in Docklands data centres. If you require multiple servers, we can arrange for them to be in geographically separate data centres for added redundancy.