Energy consumption and environmental policy

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Mythic Beasts has a duty to minimise its impact on the environment as part of our social responsibility. It is also good business sense to plan for the long term.

United Kingdom and European Union energy consumption

Mythic Beasts provides services from five data centres in the UK and EU (network number AS44684). These data centres purchase as much renewable energy as they use.

These data centres are:

  • (London, UK) Telehouse South
  • (London, UK) Digital Realty Sovereign House
  • (Cambridge, UK) Redcentric Cambridge
  • (Amsterdam, NL) Equinix AM5
  • (London, UK) Redcentric Lifeline House

These environmental claims have been independently verified by the Green Web Foundation.

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United States of America energy consumption

In the USA, Mythic Beasts operates a separate network (network number AS60011). Services on this network are provided from a single data center, with 85% of its electricity usage coming from renewable or low carbon sources.

The data centre is:

  • (Fremont, USA) Hurricane Electric FMT2

Environmental Policy

We have a full Environmental Policy