How we provide our services

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Mythic Beasts currently have facilities in seven data centres in Europe and North America.

In London, we have suites in each of Telehouse South (THS), Digital Realty Sovereign House (SOV), and Redcentric Shoreditch in City Lifeline House (CLL). These are all in the east of London: SOV is by Millwall Inner Dock in the London Docklands, THS is in Blackwall on the north bank of the Thames, while CLL is in Shoredich. Having racks in three locations allows customers to place equipment in physically separate locations with independently routed network connectivity. We also retain an optical point of presence in Equinix LD8 at Harbour Exchange Square (HEX), also in the Docklands.

In 2007, we established a presence in Redcentric's Cambridge data centre (CAM). With increasing London data centre prices making hosting in Docklands uncomfortably expensive for many applications, this has allowed us to continue to offer a wide range of services catering for all power and bandwidth requirements.

Our acquisition of BHost in 2018 gave us presences in the Equinix AM5 data centre in Amsterdam (AMS) and Hurricane Electric's Fremont 2 in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, both of which we have started to expand.

All of the data centres we operate in are dedicated facilities, with generator-backed UPS systems to provide power in the event of a mains failure. All sites make commitments on the use of renewable energy.

Our Network

Mythic Beasts run a fully autonomous network, AS44684, with multiple geographically-diverse 10Gbps transits, and 10Gbps connections to peering on LINX, LONAP, AMS-IX and SpeedIX. This provides connectivity to our five core European data centres (THS, SOV, CLL, CAM and AMS), in each of which we have a redundant pair of routers. Our optical presence in HEX is on this network too, effectively operating as a remote part of the CLL site.

We run a dark fibre ring around the three main London sites (THS, SOV and CLL) which we use to provide a 40Gbps public network ring between these sites. We also use our fibre ring to provide some customers with their own CWDM frequencies which can be lit at 10Gbps, 25Gbps, 40Gbps or 100Gbps and used by customers to run their internal networks, electrically isolated from our network infrastructure.

We have a second 10Gbps public network ring which runs from London (SOV and CLL) round our Cambridge and Amsterdam facilities, and back to London (THS), providing all sites with geographically diverse links to our transit and peering in SOV, THS and AMS. All traffic between these five sites is now free.

At present, the network in Fremont is entirely separate from our European core network.

IP Transit

Mythic Beasts can provide full or partial IPv4 & IPv6 transit to customers located in a data centre where we have a presence. See our transit price list for more information.


Mythic Beasts operate an open peering policy, and accept peering via LINX (both LON1 and LON2), LONAP, AMS-IX, SpeedIX, SFMIX and FCIX, or via private peering.