How we provide our services

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Mythic Beasts have facilities in four data centres. In London our primary presence is in Telecity Sovereign House in Docklands. We also have a number of racks in Telecity Harbour Exchange and Telecity Meridian House, allowing customers to place equipment in physically separate locations with independently routed network connectivity.

In 2007 we established a presence in Redstone's Cambridge data centre. With increasing London data centre prices making hosting in Docklands prohibitively expensive for many applications, this has allowed us to continue to offer a wide range of services catering for all power and bandwidth requirements.

All of the data centres we operate in are dedicated facilities, with generator-backed UPS systems to provide power in the event of a mains failure.

Our Network

Mythic Beasts run a fully autonomous network, AS44684 with multiple geographically diverse upstreams and peering connections. We have facilities in three key London internet hubs: Telecity Harbour Exchange (HEX), Telecity Sovereign House (SOV) and Telecity Meridian House (MER).

All of our standard London hosting packages are provided in either SOV or HEX. Our facilities in SOV and HEX provide dual routers and switches provisioned on different power bars. We have a full gigabit network ring around our three sites, and all bandwidth between our sites is free.

Our Cambridge facility is connected via two geographically diverse links to SOV and HEX, each originating from a different suite, router, switch and power bar within our Cambridge facility.


Mythic Beasts can provide full or partial IPV4 transit to any customer located within Telecity SOV, HEX or MER.


Mythic Beasts operate an open peering policy, and accept peering via LINX, LoNAP or via private peering.