Dynamic DNS

Use a static hostname for your dynamic IP address

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Dynamic DNS allows you to point a static hostname at a dynamic IP address, making it possible to access your server remotely even if its IP address changes regularly.

All Mythic Beasts domain registrations include access to our powerful DNS API which makes it easy to automatically update a hostname to point to your current IP address.


  • Choose any hostname you want - register your own domain, then choose any hostname you want
  • No expiry - hostnames last for as long as you keep your domain registration
  • No minimum TTL - minimise the time for which records are cached
  • IPv4 and IPv6 supported
  • Automated IP detection for trivial integration
  • Update MX, TXT, SPF and other records
  • No limit on the number of hostnames
  • Works with OpenWRT

How it works

In order to use Dynamic DNS, you simply need to configure your computer or router to make a HTTP request to our server whenever its IP address changes, or at regular intervals. This will detect your current IP address and update your specified hostname.

For more technical detail, see the detailed instructions for Dynamic DNS.

Get started

Dynamic DNS, and the rest of our powerful DNS API, is included free with all domain registrations. To get started, simply transfer your domain to us, or register a new one. Prices start from just £6.50 per year for a .co.uk domain, with substantial discounts for multi-year registrations.

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Domain Registrations

  • Free DNS with redundant servers
  • Full DNS configuration
  • No lock-in — it's your domain
  • TXT and SPF records supported
  • IPv6 AAAA and IPv6 glue records
  • DNSSEC support
  • Secondary DNS
  • DNS API / Dynamic DNS
  • SSHFP records supported

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