IPv4 and IPv6 Transit, Interlinks and Wavelengths in London Docklands

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IPv4 and IPv6 Transit

Mythic Beasts can provide very competitive pricing on IPv4 and IPv6 transit in the following data centres:

  • Equinix London LD8
  • Digital Realty Sovereign House (London)
  • Equinix Amsterdam AM5
  • Redcentric Cambridge
  • Redcentric London (City Lifeline)
  • Hurricane Electric Fremont 2

Physical connectivity

Connectivity is available on 10Gbps single-mode fibre using long range (LR) optics. Coloured and Bidirectional optics are available on request. We can also offer 1Gbps Cat 6 copper in some locations. The bandwidth of multiple ports can be aggregated using ECMP or LACP.

Where commits of less than 500Mbps are provided on fibre, the bearer may be rate-limited to 1Gbps.


We provide a /29 of IPv4 space and a /125 of IPv6 space for the link. Two of our routers are present for redundancy and a static, highly available gateway is optionally available. We support a wide range of BGP communities.


Pricing is based on a 95th percentile basis, with a minimum commit of 100Mbps. Prices start at £50 per month. The service is available on a rolling monthly contract, with discounts for quarterly or annual payment. Please see the order form for full pricing details.

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Transport & wavelengths

We can also offer transport between our London sites on 1Gbps, 10Gbps and wavelengths.

For a quote, or for more information, please email us at

Domain Registrations

  • Free DNS with redundant servers
  • Full DNS configuration
  • No lock-in — it's your domain
  • TXT and SPF records supported
  • IPv6 AAAA and IPv6 glue records
  • DNSSEC support
  • Secondary DNS
  • DNS API / Dynamic DNS
  • SSHFP records supported

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