IP transit

Full IPv4 and IPv6 internet connectivity in any of our data centre locations

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Pay for transit annually and get 12 months for the price of 10.

Price Bandwidth Bearer
Transit 100M 100Mbps 1Gbps
Transit 200M 200Mbps 1Gbps
Transit 500M 500Mbps 10Gbps
Transit 1G 1Gbps 10Gbps
Transit 2G 2Gbps 10Gbps
Transit 5G 5Gbps 10Gbps

Physical connectivity

Connectivity is available on 10Gbps single-mode fibre using long range (LR) optics. Coloured and Bidirectional optics are available on request. We can also offer 1Gbps Cat 6 copper in some locations. The bandwidth of multiple ports can be aggregated using ECMP or LACP.

Where commits of less than 500Mbps are provided on fibre, the bearer may be rate-limited to 1Gbps.


Bandwidth usage is assessed on a 95th percentile basis, on the greater of incoming and outgoing bandwidth.

Customers are responsible for any cross-connect fees.


We provide a /29 of IPv4 space and a /125 of IPv6 space for the link. Two of our routers are present for redundancy and a static, highly available gateway is optionally available. We support a wide range of BGP communities.