BGP Communities

We offer BGP communities to IP transit customers. These can be used to filter which routes from us you use, or to filter what other networks we will advertise your routes to.

Please note that these are all BGP Large Communities, as defined in RFC8092.

Select a network

Informational Communities

We will set these on routes we send to you.

0peer typeRoute learned from peer with peer type
1site IDRoute learned at site ID
2peer ASNRoute learned from network peer ASN
3IXP IDRoute learned at IXP ID

Control Communities

You can use these to control who we send your routes to.


These communities control how we export routes throughout our entire network:

10000Global no-export
10001Global prepend once
10002Global prepend twice
10003Global prepend thrice


These communities control how we export routes to specifix IXPs:

2000IXP IDNo-export to IXP id
2001IXP IDPrepend once to IXP id
2002IXP IDPrepend twice to IXP id
2003IXP IDPrepend thrice to IXP id
2999IXP IDOverride no-export to IXP id

Per AS

These communities control how we export routes to specifix ASes:

3000ASNNo-export to AS ASN
3001ASNPrepend once to AS ASN
3002ASNPrepend twice to AS ASN
3003ASNPrepend thrice to AS ASN
3999ASNOverride no-export to AS ASN

Per site

These communities control how we export routes from specific sites:

4000site IDNo-export from site site ID
4001site IDPrepend once from site site ID
4002site IDPrepend twice from site site ID
4003site IDPrepend thrice from site site ID
4999site IDOverride no-export from site site ID

Per type

These communities control how we export routes based on peer type:

5000type IDNo-export to peers with type ID
5001type IDPrepend once to peers with type ID
5002type IDPrepend twice to peers with type ID
5003type IDPrepend thrice to peers with type ID
5999type IDOverride no-export to peers with type ID


This can only be used on /32 routes for IPv4, or /128 routes for IPv6. We will discard all traffic to blackholed prefixes, and will pass the advertisement to do so onto our upstreams.

1000666Blackhole all traffic to the address

Well-known communities

We will interpret the well-known communities for no-export (65535:65281) which will prevent announcements outside of our network and no-advertise (65535:65282) which will prevent internal route propagation within our network. The no-export-subconfed (65535:65283) community does not apply to our network, and will behave identically to no-export.



For communities that include a site ID, you can use the following:

100Hurricane Electric Fremont 2
0Digital Realty Sovereign House / SOV
1Equinix LD8 / Harbour Exchange / HEX
2Redcentric Cambridge / CAM
4Equinix AM5 / Schepenbergweg / AMS
5Redcentric Shoreditch / CLL
6Telehouse South / THS

Internet exchange IDs

Unless otherwise noted, we use use IXP IDs from PeeringDB - for example, LINX LON1 has the ID 18, as can be seen in the PeeringDB URL.

2163FCIX / Fremont Cabal Internet Exchange
155SFMIX / San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange
26AMSIX / Amsterdam Internet Exchange
18LINX LON1 / London Internet Exchange 1
321LINX LON2 / London Internet Exchange 2
53LONAP / London Network Access Point
1842SPEED-IX / Speed Internet Exchange

Network types

For communities that are based on peer type, we use the following identifiers:

900Our customers
800Our private peers
700Our peers
600Our transit providers