Secondary DNS API

Our Secondary DNS service can be manually configured through the Customer Control Panel. But users with a large number of domains may prefer to use our API. This allows you to script the addition and removal of domains. To use the API, you must set a password in the control panel interface that will be used to authenticate your requests.

Requests to the API take the form of HTTP POST requests containing a number of HTTP parameters. These are documented below. HTTP requests should be made to /customer/secondarydnsapi

HTTP parameters

Required. The username for your Secondary DNS service. This is provided in the Customer Control Panel.
Required. The password set in the control panel.
Required. An API command. This parameter can be repeated to allow multiple commands in a single request. Commands take the form of a verb which may be followed by a domain name, as appropriate. Details of the commands are given below.


All the command parameters in the HTTP request are processed in order, and the results of each command are returned in a text/plain HTTP response. The commands and their responses are as follows:


The ADD command requests that a domain be added to the account. For example:


If successful, the response will contain ADD followed by the domain name. Otherwise, the response will contain NADD followed by the domain name and a reason. For example:

NADD We already provide secondary DNS for


The DELETE command requests that a domain be removed from the account. For example:


The response will contain DELETE followed by the domain name in the event of success, and NDELETE followed by the domain name and a reason in the event of failure.


The LIST command takes no arguments, and requests a list of all domains on the account. The response will contain a line with DOMAIN followed by a domain name for each domain on the account. For example: