Dedicated servers

Our dedicated servers come with a number of features to simplify the remote management of your server.

Remote power cycle

All servers are connected to a master switch, or more formally a remotely controllable power distribution unit (PDU). This allows you to physically power cycle your server if it becomes unresponsive.

You can access the Power Cycle feature by selecting the appropriate server from the Servers tab in the Customer Control Panel.

Recovery mode

Our netboot recovery mode allows you to boot the server into a recovery environment, with a standard, read-only Debian installation. You can use this to access the filesystems on the disk of your server, even if it has become otherwise unbootable, or if the network is not properly configured.

Recovery mode is available on all Hardware RAID, Advanced RAID, and Mac Mini servers.

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Serial console

A serial console gives you access to the console of your server, even when the network is not configured. This allows you to access the BIOS and the bootloader. Our control panel also gives you access to a log of the most recent console output, which can be useful for diagnosing problems if your server has become unresponsive.

Details for how to access the serial console for your server can be found on the Servers tab in the Customer Control Panel.

Serial console is available on Hardware RAID and Advanced RAID servers.