ISO images

Your virtual server has a virtual CDROM drive which can be used to boot the server from ISO images.

We provide a selection of images for modern distributions (see our list of available ISO images), as well as a system rescue CD.

If your preferred distribution is not shown, you can upload your own images.

Uploading an ISO image

Images are uploaded using the Servers / Boot media section of the control panel. If you have already uploaded any ISOs, you will see them listed here.

To upload a new image, simply copy and paste a URL into the URL box. If you want to use a different name for the image than the one in the URL, you can enter it in the Name box. When you hit the Fetch button, our servers will start to fetch the image. This can take a few minutes; you can reload the page to monitor progress.

Once an ISO has been uploaded, you simply need to load it into the VPS. You can do this either via the control panel, or with the admin shell.

First you will need to shut down the VPS (shutdown or poweroff in the admin shell), then select the ISO image you require with the cdrom image command. Ensure that your server is set to boot from the CD drive (boot cdrom) and simply start it (start). In most cases, you will need to use a VNC client to access the virtual console.