VPS plans

Our VPSs are on monthly, quarterly or annual in-advance plans, or as on-demand services.

In-advance plans

In-advance VPS plans are billed on a monthly, quarterly or annual cycle, and paid for at the start of each billing period.

There are discounts for annual and quarterly billing, with the annual price being ten times the monthly price.

In-advance services can be set to cancel at the end of the current billing period via the customer control panel.

In-advance VPSs can be managed using using the Virtual Server provisioning API, but cannot be created or destroyed.


On-demand servers are billed by the second, and can be created and destroyed at any time. Usage is billed at the end of each calendar month.

On-demand servers can be created, destroyed and managed using the Virtual Server provisioning API.

Dormant VPS mode

On-demand servers can be made dormant. This means that the server is stopped, and you will only be charged for its storage space. Dormant VPSs can be reactivated at any time, although it is not guaranteed that you will be able to re-provision to the same specification of server immediately. The RAM and CPU previously allocated to your server may have been reallocated, and a move to a different host server may be required.

Per-second pricing

Pricing for on-demand services is quoted as a monthly price, which is the price you would pay if the server is active for the full month. Actual usage is billed by the second, for the fraction of the month that the server is active. The per-second price varies slightly based on the length of the month.

On-demand servers are more expensive than our monthly servers, so if you don't need the flexibility of an on-demand service, we recommend using a monthly, quarterly or annual service.