Microsoft Outlook

This guide is a complete walkthrough for setting up Microsoft Outlook to retrieve email from an account hosted on one of our shared servers.

You will need to have configured a mailbox and password. If you have an existing mailbox, but can't remember the password, you can always reset the password through the customer control panel

In most instances, Outlook will automatically configure mail server settings for you once you've provided a username or password. If this doesn't happen, follow the instructions below to manually configure the account:

If you already have an account configured in Outlook, you will need to navigate to the File menu and click Add Account.

Enter the mailbox name that you configured in the control panel. Then open the Advanced Options menu and select Let me set up my account manually. Click Connect to continue.

You can use POP3 or IMAP. We recommend IMAP, especially if you will also be accessing your email from other devices.

Now you need to change the server name. This will depend on the server your account is hosted on. Check the control panel. Possible options could be yali, onza, lynx, ocelot, caracal, oncilla, fentiger, bobcat or serval. In any case, make sure you follow up the name of the server with For example, if your account is hosted on Ocelot, you would enter

Configure the incoming server to use port 993, and SSL/TLS. Configure the outgoing server to use port 587 and STARTTLS. Checking the box for SPA will have no effect as our servers do not support it.

Now enter the mailbox password that you configured in the control panel and click Connect to continue.

Outlook will now connect to your account and probably prompt you to set up another account. Do this if you want to, and then close the windows to continue to your inbox. If you encounter problems double check the server connection details and your mailbox name/password. If you still can't connect, contact us at for further assistance..