Installing Drush on a Shell hosting account

Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal. It can only be used on shell hosting accounts for this reason. You can read more at the Drush home page.

Drush is very simple to install and get going. Visit the Drush home page and follow the "Download" links to find your preferred version. Copy the link for the latest reccomended release's tar.gz file to your clipboard and download the file to the root of your drupal site using the command wget [download link]. You should have just downloaded a file with a name similar to drush-7.x-5.7.tar.gz. You then need to extract the file with the command tar xzvf [drush file].tar.gz. Use the ls command to check that a drush directory has been created. You can now remove the .tar.gz file using the command rm [drush file].tar.gz.

Change into the Drush directory using the command cd drush. You should be able to execute Drush using the command ./drush. For instructions on using Drush, see the documentation linked from the Drush home page.