Secondary DNS

Customers of our dedicated server, virtual dedicated server or co-location services can use Mythic Beasts' nameservers to provide secondary DNS for any domains hosted on your server. Similarly, we will provide free secondary DNS for any domains registered through us, with no restrictions on where the master server is. In either case, contact support to enable secondary DNS for your account.

To use our secondary DNS service, you should add our nameservers as nameservers for your domains, and ensure that you permit both zone transfer (AXFR) and notifications (NOTIFY) from the following addresses;

IPv4 addressIPv6 address

All transfer requests and all NOTIFY messages should be sent to the above addresses.

Control panel interface

The secondary DNS service can be configured using the Customer Control Panel. The Secondary DNS configuration is in the "Domains" section. Here you can set the IP address of the master server, and add and remove domains to your account.

Secondary DNS API

It is easy to programmatically add and remove domains from the secondary DNS service via our Secondary DNS API.