Getting Started

Automated installers

We provide automated installers for a number of popular Linux distributions. Please see our virtual server operating systems page for a list of available installers.

To install your server using a automated installer, use the Install OS option from the control panel. You will need to provide an SSH public key. This will automatically be added to the root account on your server.

ISO install

It is also possible to install your server using an ISO image. We provide a number of ISO images for common operating systems, or you can upload your own.

To get started, log in to the Customer Control Panel and find your server under My Servers.

1. Choose an installation CD

Under Boot, select Change CDROM and choose from the list of available images. If your preferred OS isn't show, you can upload your own ISO image using the Add Boot Media link.

2. Set the server to boot from CD

Under Boot, select Boot from CDROM

3. Boot the server

Click the Start button.

4. Connect to the server using VNC

Click on Web VNC to open up a VNC session in your web browser.

5. Follow the instructions for installing your OS

Follow the instructions for installing your OS. We have some suggestions.

6. Set the server to boot from disk

Once the installer has finished, you should Power Off the server, set it to boot from disk, and then press Start. It should now boot into your newly installed operating system.