IPv6 configuration

Our network fully supports IPv6. This page contains information on how to configure IPv6 on your server. For more general information on IPv6, please see our IPv6 page.


Mythic Beasts server customers can get a /64 IPv6 address block for each data centre in which they have a server. Normally this will be automatically allocated when the first server in a data centre is provisioned.

If you have an older server that was configured before we routinely allocated IPv6 addresses, please email support@mythic-beasts.com to get your allocation. You should manually configure addresses from within your allocation to your server.

IPv6 addresses on VPSs

If you have installed your own operating system on your VPS, you will need to manually configure a static IPv6 address from your IPv6 block. You can do so by adding an appropriate stanza to /etc/network/interfaces, similar to that below, substituting the correct interface name and IP address.

  iface eth0 inet6 static
      address 2001:db8:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff/64
VPSes installed by Mythic Beasts will be configured with a static IPv6 address automatically.


You should obtain routers using auto-configuration (which usually amounts to simply not specifying any). You should receive two responses. IPv6 auto-configuration makes use of ICMP, so it is important that you do not firewall out ICMP packets.

DNS resolvers

We have a pair of recursive DNS resolvers listening on IPv6 addresses. They are:


IPv6 only servers

Virtual server installation

For IPv6 only virtual servers, we provide some extra supplemental information for installation, here.


On IPv6 only servers, it's not directly possible to access IPv4 only parts. We provide a NAT64 service which is detailed on our NAT64 page, here. You can use this free service to make outbound only connections to IPv4 only services.

IPv4 to IPv6 proxy

We also provide a free proxy service for various common services, including HTTP(S). This allows IPv4 only hosts to connect your IPv6 only server. You can find more details on this, including how to configure this, here.

Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS for addresses within your allocation can be configured using our control panel. We can also arrange to delegate DNS for your allocation to your own nameservers servers.