Hosted domains

In order to host a website, or send and receive email for your domain, you will need to associate your domain with your hosting account. We refer to this as a hosted domain. You can have an unlimited number of hosted domains associated with a hosting account.

Mythic Beasts domain registrations

If your domain is registered with Mythic Beasts, associating your domain with your hosting account is straightforward. Find the domain in the My Domains section of the customer control panel, click Settings and then Hosting settings checklist. This checklist will guide you through the process of associating your domain with your hosting account, including:

  • Configuring web and email hosting for the domain on your hosting account.
  • Configuring our nameservers to provide DNS for your domain.
  • Configuring your domain to use our nameservers for DNS.
  • Adding an SPF record for your domain.

3rd party domain registrations

If your domain is registered with another provider and you don't wish to transfer the registration to Mythic Beasts, you should add it as a 3rd party domain. You can then use the hosting settings checklist as described above, which will give you instructions on how to configure your domain.

For domains registered with other providers, you can choose whether you want to use our nameservers for DNS or your registration provider's. We would recommend using our nameservers, as this will make configuration easier.

Transferring a domain to Mythic Beasts

If your domain registration is with another provider and you wish to transfer it to Mythic Beasts, please see our:

If you have web and email hosting with another provider, please see our guide to:


If you want to host email or websites for hostnames within your domain, such as you will need to add this a sub-domain. To do this:

  • Go to the Hosting and Shell accounts section of the Customer Control Panel.
  • Select the hosting account that you want to use, if you have more than one.
  • Click the Add domains or sub-domains link under Hosted domains.
  • Use the Add sub-domains section to add your sub-domain.

Your hosting account will be configured to host web and email for your sub-domain, and the necessary DNS entries will be added automatically.

The standard www hostname used for websites is treated as a special case, and you do not need to add this as a sub-domain.

Next steps

Once your domain is associated with your hosting account you can: