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The most affordable way to have a permanent online presence. You take full control of both the content of your web site, your unlimited domains and your unlimited email addresses. Free SSL hosting is available on all accounts.

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Shell account

Add the shell access option to turn your hosting account into a shell account, giving you the full power and convenience of the Linux command-line.

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Disk Monthly Bandwidth  Databases
Redirection only £1.00 0GB 25GB Order Now
Email only £1.67 2GB 25GB Order Now
Web 25 £2.50 5GB 100GB 1 Order Now
Web 35 £3.50 10GB 150GB 2 Order Now
Web 50 £5.00 15GB 250GB 5 Order Now
Web 70 £7.00 25GB 350GB 5 Order Now
Web 100 £10.00 40GB 500GB 10 Order Now
Web 150 £15.00 100GB 600GB 10 Order Now
Web 200 £20.00 150GB 750GB 20 Order Now
Web 300 £30.00 250GB 1TB 20 Order Now
Web 400 £40.00 400GB 1.5TB 20 Order Now

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About our Web and Email hosting packages

Web sites

A Web Hosting account is the most affordable way to have a permanent online presence. You take full control of both the content of your web sites, and your email addresses. We take responsibility for hosting them on our powerful servers, which are located in secure data centres, with excellent connectivity to the rest of the Internet. We offer Web Hosting accounts in a range of different sizes to suit your needs, and you can easily upgrade as you grow.


Many popular PHP applications can be hosted with a Mythic Beasts Web Hosting account. For example, you can host sites using packages such as WordPress, Drupal or MediaWiki.

Our Web Hosting accounts multiple versions of PHP, and you can choose which version of PHP is used for each site that you have hosted with us.


All our Web and Email Hosting accounts come with unlimited domains. Domains registered with Mythic Beasts can be added or removed from your hosting account at any time.

Shell access

Shell access is available as an option on all of our hosting accounts, giving you direct access to the Linux command line using the SSH secure shell protocol. This gives you full CGI access, and opens up options such as running cron jobs, and using alternative mailing list managers. A shell account (a hosting account with the shell access option) is the perfect low-cost environment for developing new web products, and is easily expandable to a virtual or real dedicated server as your needs grow.


We include MySQL databases as standard, with PostgreSQL available on request.

WordPress hosting

Install WordPress on your website directly from our control panel. Our automated installer will take care of downloading, installing and configuring the latest version of WordPress, getting you up and running in less than a minute.


All of our hosting servers are in UK data centres, connected to our 10G fibre ring around London, Amsterdam and Cambridge.


  • Unlimited POP3/IMAP mailboxes
  • Unlimited email autoresponders
  • Access to mail through our webmail interface
  • Unlimited redirection of email @yourdomain.co.uk
  • Web based control over DNS entries for your domain

If you require more storage than the email-only hosting account provides, please order a Web Hosting account. Unfortunately we cannot provide a discount for not using the web hosting facilities, as the bulk of the cost comes from providing the storage.

Secure (HTTPS) hosting

All our Web Hosting accounts support HTTPS sites. This not only gives added security for your site, but it can boost your search engine rankings.

You can enable HTTPS hosting at no extra cost via our control panel. This will use a free TLS / SSL certficate from Let's Encrypt.

Redirection and Forwarding

Our Web Hosting accounts include all the features of our redirect accounts, including SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) support for forwarded email, and HTTPS support for web redirection.


We take daily backups of our shared hosting servers. In the unlikely event of a server failure, we guarantee to restore your files to a state no more than 36 hours before the failure.

We also take daily database backups with the same guarantee. Due to the way databases work, a restored database may contain inconsistencies which may prevent it working as expected with particular applications. In this highly unlikely event, we would make best efforts attempts to resolve the problem.

We do not guarantee to archive historical backups. In many cases we will be able to restore files from a given past date, but this will be on a best efforts basis. In the event that you do delete or corrupt a file, you should contact us as soon as possible.

In order to cover all eventualities, we strongly recommend that you arrange additional backups to be stored by an organisation other than ourselves.

Other services

We offer a number of additional hosting services including:

About our Redirection service

Our redirection-only service allows you to redirect Web and Email traffic for your domains to services that are hosted elsewhere. As for our hosting accounts, there is no limit to the number of domains that can be redirected from a single account.

Email redirection

Configure an unlimited number of email addresses within your domains to forward mail to other email addresses. As for our hosting accounts, SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) is available, which is essential for ensuring reliable delivery of forwarded mail to other providers.

Web redirection

Configure your domain name to redirect web traffic to another website. Our redirection service can optionally redirect secure (HTTPS) requests at no extra cost.