Uploading files

We support the following methods for uploading files to your web space. SFTP is the most commonly used option.

In all cases, the settings required are:

Server name: One of:
  • lynx.mythic-beasts.com
  • ocelot.mythic-beasts.com
  • onza.mythic-beasts.com
  • yali.mythic-beasts.com
  • caracal.mythic-beasts.com
  • oncilla.mythic-beasts.com
  • fentiger.mythic-beasts.com
  • bobcat.mythic-beasts.com
  • serval.mythic-beasts.com
Username: The username for your hosting account
Password: The password for your hosting account

Note that the username and password for your hosting account are separate from your Mythic Beasts User ID which is used to access the customer control panel. If you have lost your hosting account password, you can set a new password using Web and Email Hosting section of the customer control panel.

For more information on the directory structure of your hosting account, see the web space page.


SFTP is usually the best option for uploading files, as it provides the functionality of standard FTP but over a secured connection. SFTP is now widely supported. If you do not already have a preferred piece of software, then FileZilla is a popular choice.

SFTP is built on top of the SSH protocol, which means it supports key-based authentication.


SCP is a secure mechanism that support file transfer. Unlike FTP and SFTP, it does not support other file operations such directory listings, file renaming or permission changes.


FTPS is a secure version of the FTP protocol. From a functionality perspective, it is very similar to SFTP, and there is little to choose between them.


We support legacy FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access, but we recommend against its use, as it is not a secure protocol. SFTP is now widely supported, and should be used in preference to FTP.