Uploading files

You can upload files to your webspace using three different methods. Your choice will generally be determined by the software that you are using on your computer, but we would always advise against FTP as your password will be transmitted unencrypted.

In all cases, the settings required are:

Server name: One of:
  • lynx.mythic-beasts.com
  • ocelot.mythic-beasts.com
  • onza.mythic-beasts.com
  • yali.mythic-beasts.com
  • caracal.mythic-beasts.com
  • oncilla.mythic-beasts.com
  • fentiger.mythic-beasts.com
Username: The username for your hosting account
Password: The password for your hosting account

Note that the username and password for your hosting account are separate from your Mythic Beasts User ID which is used to access the customer control panel. If you have lost your hosting account password, you can reset it using the customer control panel.

Directory structure

Websites go in the www/www.yourdomain/ directory.

Apache log files are in www/log/.

PHP scripts simply need to have a .php extension. If you want to run CGI programs, in Perl or any other language, place them in www/cgi/www.yourdomain/

Your home directory is where you can create .forward files for advanced control of your email: see Mail.


SFTP is usually the best option for uploading files, as it provides the functionality of standard FTP but over a secured connection.


SCP is a secure mechanism that support file transfer. Unlike FTP and SFTP, it does not support other file operations such directory listings, file renaming or permission changes.


We provide FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to allow you to upload your webpages and access your web logs. You will of course need an FTP client. This functionality is built into website design packages, or you can use a standalone client. There is a vast number to choose from—you can resort to the basic ftp command (available on every computer) in a pinch, but you'll probably want something a bit easier to use! If you don't already have a favourite, the Free Software FileZilla is a good choice.