Software support

This page lists software that has support for our DNS API.

The software listed on this page is developed and maintained by third parties, and we make no assertions about its quality or suitability.

  • ddnsclient: a DNS API client utility written in Rust for searching, updating and deleting DNS records.
  • delphyne: a DNS API client utility written in bash for publishing a directory of zone files, allowing them to be kept under version control, for example, using git.
  • lego: Let's Encrypt client and ACME library written in Go.
  • ddns-scripts: Dynamic DNS scripts for OpenWRT. Built-in support for DNS API v1. Please see our instructions for using v2 API
  • octodns: a set of tools for managing DNS across multiple providers. Currently only support DNS API v1.
  • dehydrated-mythic-dns01: hook script for the dehydrated Let's Encrypt client for handling DNS challenges for certificates. Currently only support DNS API v1.
  • PowerShell examples: some examples of how to talk to our APIs from PowerShell.
  • CLI for Mythic Beasts APIs: a command-line tool for our APIs
  • DNSControl: a DNS Control platform using our version 2 API.