VPS admin shell


The admin shell allows you to perform various administrative tasks on your virtual server. The admin shell is accessed via Secure Shell (SSH) to the server hosting your virtual machine, using your server name as the username. You should refer to the hosting server using this alias:


A complete command to log in from a Linux client would be:

ssh -l yourservername admin.yourservername.vs.mythic-beasts.com

If this is the first time you have connected to the admin shell, you will need to either set a password, or upload a key for access. This can be done via the control panel.

If you are going to use keys for access, you can choose to disable password access in the control panel.


Once you are logged into the admin shell, use the following commands.

boot (disk|cdrom)

Select whether the virtual machine boots from disk or cdrom image.

cdrom [image]

Insert image in virtual cdrom drive; omit image for a list of available images.


Connect to the virtual serial console.


Display this help text.

netdev (rtl8139|e1000|virtio)

Select the model of virtual network card used. Most users will not need this option.


Change password for the control shell.


Forcibly power off the virtual machine.


Leave the control shell.


Requests the virtual machine to do a graceful shutdown. This requires operating system, and therefore may not work. See also poweroff.


Starts a virtual machine that is stopped.


Show the virtual machine's status.


Upgrade memory to the correct amount.


Disable VNC access to the virtual machine.

vnc-passwd new-password

Set the VNC password for the virtual machine, enabling VNC access if it's not already enabled.