Software RAID Dedicated Server

These powerful 1U servers come with a hardware RAID controller for superior I/O performance. Hot-swappable drive bays mean that failed disks can be replaced with no down time.

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Pay for your server annually and get 12 months for the price of 10.

Price CPU RAM Drive bays
Intel Xeon Scalable Silver 4208 8 × 2.10GHz 64GB 8
Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge 4 × 2.40GHz 32GB 16
Excess data charge

- per TB.

  •   RAID 
  •   Serial Console
  •   Choice of Linux distributions 
  •   Ping Monitoring with SMS alerts 
  •   DNS services for your domains 
  •   Instant Powercycle
  •   Network Recovery Mode
  •   IPv4 
  •   IPv6 
  •   Full root access
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Total disk space
SSD: , HDD: , RAID10:
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10 4800
50 4800
Online backup space, mirrored to a second site