Instant notification of problems with your server

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Our monitoring service allows you to receive immediate SMS, email, Pushover or Prowl alerts about problems affecting your server, and can be used to monitor services both within and outside our network.

Ping monitoring

All Mythic Beasts servers include free ping monitoring. This allows you to receive an alert if your server stops responding to pings.

To activate ping monitoring, use the monitoring page on our Customer Control Panel.

Full service monitoring

Ping monitoring will alert you in the event that your server is completely off-line, but it won't detect any application-level problems that may be affecting the services provided by your server. Our full service monitoring allows you to check individual services.

For example, you can check that your server serves a web page on a given URL. The different services that can be monitored include:

  • Web - monitor HTTP and HTTPS URLs.
  • SSH - check that your server is listening for SSH connections.
  • SMTP - check that your server is listening for incoming SMTP connections.
  • POP3 and IMAP - check that your server is listening for POP3 and IMAP connections, optionally including SSL.
  • DNSBL - monitor public DNS-based email black lists to ensure that your mail server has not been black listed.
  • HTTP with status code - check that a URL responds with a particular status code.
  • TCP connection - check that your server is listening for TCP connections on an arbitrary port.

Our full service monitoring is available for just £5 + VAT per month or £50 + VAT per year. It can be ordered with any new server, or you can add a monitoring service at any time by emailing support.

Managed hosting

Customers of our Managed Hosting service not only get our full service monitoring included, but also get the benefit of our team responding to alerts on their behalf.

Find out more about Managed Hosting.

API programmable

We have an API for managing our monitoring system. You can use it to script shutting down the monitoring of your application while it’s offline for update and script the post deployment switch-on too. The API is currently in beta testing, please email support

Virtual, Dedicated or Colo?

Our Server Monitoring is available as a standalone service or with any of our servers: