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IPv6 is coming and, in the future, it may be the only way that users can visit your site. Find out if your site is accessible from an IPv6 connection using our free IPv6 health check. Simply enter your domain name below:

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What is IPv6?

IP (Internet Protocol) is the protocol that allows computers to connect to the internet to communicate with each other. The version in common use today, IPv4, has a serious flaw, which is that it only supports 4.3 billion unique addresses, and it turns out that that's not enough to go around. The new version, IPv6, addresses this issue, supporting 2 x 1038 unique addresses.

You can find out more on our IPv6 page.

What does this test do?

This test checks that your website and incoming mail is hosted on servers with IPv6 connectivity, and checks that the addresses for these servers are available from IPv6-enabled nameservers.

Should I care?

Right now, using the Internet on an IPv6-only connection would be pretty impractical, as there simply aren't enough sites enabled. This is changing quickly, there is a growing number of users using IPv6 wherever it's available, so if your services advertise IPv6 addresses, it's important that they work.

You can read more about our experiences with IPv6.

Want somebody else to care for you?

IPv6 is now available on all Mythic Beasts' server products, and dealing with the transition to IPv6 is one of many things that customers of our Managed Hosting service don't have to worry about.

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This service is hosted on a Mythic Beasts IPv6-enabled Virtual Server.