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In 2014, a major change was introduced in the way the .uk domain operates. It is now possible to register second level domains directly within .uk, such as example.uk. Previously, only third level registrations were permitted, such as example.co.uk for businesses, example.org.uk for other organisations, and .me.uk for individuals.

Existing UK domain owners

If you already hold a .co.uk you have the right to register the corresponding .uk domain. For example, if you own example.co.uk you're entitled to register example.uk

In the case where there is no existing .co.uk registration, but there is a .org.uk registration, the owner of that domain can register the corresponding .uk domain. For example, if you own other‑example.org.uk, and assuming there is no other‑example.co.uk, then you have the right to register other‑example.uk

This right of registration lasts only till 2019-06-25 (25th June 2019). After that date, anybody will be allowed to register any available .uk domain name.

Domains which are reserved in this way cannot be registered through our control panel. To exercise your right of registration for a .uk domain, please email support specifying the domain name and the number of years that you want to register it for.

Pricing is the same as for other UK domains.

New registrations

If there is no existing .co.uk or .org.uk domain registered for the name that you want, then a .uk domain can be registered in the normal way.

Check Availability and Register


All domain registrations include:

  • Free DNS with redundant servers
  • Full DNS configuration
  • No lock-in — it's your domain
  • TXT and SPF records supported
  • IPv6 AAAA and IPv6 glue records
  • DNSSEC support
  • Secondary DNS
  • DNS API / Dynamic DNS
  • SSHFP records supported

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