Mac Mini colo

Colocate your own Mac Mini server in our data centres.

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Co-locate your own Mac Mini in our facilities in one of our three hosting facilities, Telecity Harbour Exchange, Telecity Sovereign House (Docklands, London) or Redstone in Cambridge.

The Mac Mini makes an ideal server for many Internet applications, where even an entry-level 1U rackmount server can be vastly overspecified. The Mac Mini's small size and low power consumption means that we can offer colocation at a significant reduction to our standard colocation rates.

All Mac Minis are connected to a remote power control unit, allowing you to power-cycle your server on demand. In order to make use of this, you will need to configure your Mac Mini to power on automatically after a power cut. Please see our Mac Mini Co-location guide.


We offer three standard co-location packages, with varying amounts of bandwidth.

  Low bandwidth
Monthly bandwidth allowance 10GB 1TB 10TB
Excess bandwidth £10/TB £10/TB £5/TB
Instant Powercycle included
Ping Monitoring with SMS alerts included
Setup fee £62.50
Monthly price £16.67 £33.33 £41.67
Quarterly price £45.83 £91.67 £114.58
Yearly price £166.67 £333.33 £416.67
Up and Running service from £30
Managed Hosting from £50 per month or £500 per year

Mac Mini colo prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.

Mac Mini colocation includes one IPv4 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are only provided when there is a reasonable technical justification, and are charged at £2 per month per address.


If you're interested in colocating a Mac Mini server, please drop us an email at

Let us get you Up and Running

Our Up and Running service allows you to ship us an unconfigured Mac Mini, and we'll take care of everything else.

  • Configure IP addresses
  • Set the root password
  • Ensure the machine powers on after a reset
  • Ensure the machine boots without a screen