May 29th, 2015 by

We’re please to announced that we can now set DS records for any domains registered with us.  At present, only UK domains can be configured  through the control panel.  For any other domains, please email support and we’ll put the records in place for you.

Control panel integration and other DNSSEC improvements will be coming soon.


Unlimited domains on shared hosting

October 14th, 2014 by

Back in 2000, Mythic Beasts started by offering web and email hosting services on a single shared server. Since then, we have expanded in just about all possible directions, but we still offer shared hosting for web and email. It remains the most cost-effective way to establish a permanent online presence.

A single Mythic Beasts hosting account can support multiple domains. This has become particularly important with the current proliferation of new top-level domains, and the opening up of the second-level .uk domain space. With our shared hosting, you can have example.com, example.co.uk, example.uk, and example.club all hosted on a single account. And you can choose between serving the same content, redirecting to a canonical name, or serving different content.

Until now, enabling additional domains has required an email to support and a manual step at our end to link the new domain to your hosting account. But our dev team has now exposed this through the Customer Control Panel, and you can add your new domains instantly.

Here’s how it works now.

  1. If you have registered a domain through us, you can add the standard configuration through the Customer Control Panel. The standard configuration sets up the “bare” domain name, example.com, for web and email hosting, and www.example.com for web hosting. There is no charge for this, and you can add as many domains as you like to your hosting account.
  2. For all other cases, whether subdomains, or domains registered with other registrars, you will still need to email support. A one-off setup charge of £10 (inc VAT) will be levied per domain /subdomain. Or you can batch up to 5 domains in a single request for £20 (inc VAT). EDIT 2021: This is no longer the case, additional domains and subdomains are free to add and this can be done through the Control Panel.

.uk domains now available

June 10th, 2014 by

It is now possible to register domains directly within .uk, and not just under second level domains such as .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk.

Holders of existing .co.uk domains (or .org.uk if the .co.uk is not registered) are given the right to register the corresponding .uk domain. For example, if we owned example.co.uk, we would be automatically entitled to register example.uk.

If you already hold a .co.uk or .org.uk domain, either with us or with another registrar, and would like to register the corresponding .uk domain with us, then please contact support. Tell us the domain or domains you want to register, and for how long (up to 10 years) and we’ll do the rest!

If there is no existing .co.uk, org.uk, etc. domain which corresponds to the .uk that you want, then you can go ahead and register the domain with us in the normal way.

The new domains cost the same as the other domains within .uk: £6.50 for 1 year, £9 for 2 years, £21.50 for 5 years, or £39 for 10 years (prices include VAT). They come with all the standard benefits of Mythic Beasts domain registrations: DNS hosting including IPv6, SPF and TXT records, DNS API and Dynamic DNS.