Multi-year registration for; new Top Level Domains

May 1st, 2012 by

Nominet is the domain name registry that ultimately controls,, and most other second-level domains under .uk. Till now, they have only allowed domain names to be registered for 2 years – no more, no less.

That changed today, 1st May 2012, and so we pleased to be able to offer Nominet domain registrations for up to 10 years. As well as receiving a discount for the longer registration period, you can rest assured that your domain is yours with no need to renew till 2022!

Or, going in the other direction, if you have a short-term project that deserves a .uk domain name, you could register for just 1 year.

We’ve also today added a bunch of new Top Level Domains that we can support, including .tel, .au, .nz, and extending our coverage of European countries: here are the full details of supported domains and prices. (Even more Top Level Domains may be available on request – email us if you don’t see what you’re after!)