New Top-Level Domains

February 14th, 2014 by

As you may be aware, ICANN, the body responsible for domain names has introduced a lot more “Top Level Domains” (TLDs). This means that you’ve now got a lot more choice than the traditional .com / .net / .org /, etc.

You can now have names under .bike and .gallery, and very soon you’ll be able to have names under .kitchen and .land. Many more new TLDs have been approved, and will start appearing online in the coming months. (Given the quantities we drink, we’ve been wondering whether we should rebrand as

Below is a list of the new TLDs being released in February. You can find prices for these domains on our domains page.

Congratulations to, our first customer (that we know of) to get a website up and running on a domain released this week.

5th Feb 12th Feb 19th Feb
.bike .camera .construction
.clothing .equipment .contractors
.guru .estate .directory
.holdings .gallery .kitchen
.plumbing .graphics .land
.singles .lighting .technology
.ventures .photography .today

Update 2014-02-26. Four new domains will open up today: .diamonds, .enterprises, .tips, and .voyage.