Virtual Server Snapshots

May 18th, 2015 by

VPS snapshotsWe’ve just rolled out a beta of our snapshot functionality for our virtual servers.  This allows you to take an instantaneous image of your servers disk space which can then be restored at a later date to either the same or a different server.  This can be used for cloning a virtual server, for backups, or just to take a copy of your server before making significant configuration changes such as an operating system upgrade.

Snapshots are stored in our distributed storage cloud, which replicates the image across three separate data centres.

The system is in beta testing at the moment, and during this beta we’re offering free storage for images.  Once the beta is complete, storage space will become chargeable, but we’ll contact all customers who’ve made use of the service prior to issuing any bills.

If you want to try it out, simply use the snapshot panel for your server in the customer control panel, or use the snapshot command on the admin console.  Hopefully it’s self-explanatory, if it’s not, tell us and we’ll make it better!