More disk space for all web hosting accounts

June 19th, 2015 by

Sometimes disks get bigger and smaller at the same time

Disks just keep getting bigger. So, as the technology allows, we like to increase the disk space allocations of our hosting accounts too. We have just doubled the allocations of all our web hosting accounts. For the Super account, we’ve given it a 2.5x boost.

Account Was Now
Standard 1GB 2GB
Plus 5GB 10GB
Super 10GB 25GB
Jumbo 50GB 100GB

These are proper, full-fat GiB (230 bytes), not disk manufacturers’ GB (109 bytes).

All of our web hosting accounts can host as many domains as you want (free, provided the domains are registered with us), with as many email addresses, mailboxes, and web pages as you want. You are limited only by the total disk space. And if that’s not enough, it’s easy to upgrade from size of account to the next.

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Finally, please don’t be misled by the picture above. We no longer use floppy disks for storage. Instead, all our web hosting servers now use mirrored “enterprise grade” SSDs for the best possible performance.