Additional Managed Rack Capacity

March 14th, 2016 by

We’ve spent even more time than usual in data centres recently as we’ve been kitting out our new cage in the Meridian Gate data centre.

Much of the new capacity is being deployed as “managed racks”.  Racks are generally supplied with the bare essentials of electricity, cooling and locked doors.  At Mythic Beasts, we transform them into managed racks, including all the features you need to effectively administer your equipment remotely, including:

logging serial consoles

Logging serial consoles

  • Internet connectivity – we’ve got 10Gbps connections onto both LINX networks, connecting at different sites.  We’ve also got multiple transit providers, and are present on the LoNAP peering exchange.   Our network has native IPv6 support, and if you have your own address space, we can provide you with BGP feeds from our routers. We can also offer private LANs, both as VLANs or as physically separate networks.
  • Remote power management – power cycle your server immediately, at any time using our customer control panel.
  • Serial connectivity – a 115.2kbps serial connection may seem a bit old fashioned in an age when we’re wiring our switches together at 40Gbps, but they remain an extremely effective mechanism for out-of-band control of servers and other equipment, particularly when coupled with our logging serial console software.
  • On-site support – all of our London facilities have 24/7 access to the data centres’ on-site engineers.  We are also able to arrange for our own staff to carry out routine maintenance, such as replacing failed hard drives.

Meridian Gate is the third London data centre in which we have a presence, along with Sovereign House and Harbour Exchange, with the three sites connected by our own dark fibre ring.