Zero-day Security Updates for Managed WordPress

November 26th, 2020 by
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Don’t get caught napping when it comes to WordPress updates!

Installing updates is an important part of keeping your computer secure. This is also true when running a website based around popular publishing tools such as WordPress, which have vast communities of plugin and theme developers of varying experience. Plugins often contain security vulnerabilities that can lead to a compromised site and it can be difficult to tell if a new version is a security update or just adding features.

For our managed WordPress customers we have been using the excellent WPScan API for some time to check installed plugins and themes against their list of security vulnerabilities. Dealing with this report was a time-consuming manual process once or twice a week which we wanted to improve.

Helpfully WPScan have recently introduced a feature which allows us to receive these updates in real-time. Now, when a new security update for a plugin or theme is announced we automatically check within a few minutes if a vulnerable version is present on any of our managed WordPress installs, and then generate a support case to ask the customer when they’d like us to install the update. Some customers prefer to perform the updates themselves, which is also fine – the important thing is that the vulnerability gets fixed.

Where a security issue is dangerous and likely to be exploited then we apply our standard zero-day vulnerability process of deploying an update immediately and notifying customers afterwards. A good example of this would have been the recent Loginizer SQL Injection vulnerability, had the WordPress team not already decided this was too dangerous and invoked their rarely-used forced update process.

Now we can respond much more quickly to WordPress vulnerabilities, helping us keep our customers’ websites secure.

Our managed WordPress service includes a number of features that help keep your site secure and protect your data:

  • Daily backups, mirrored to multiple sites
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Custom security hardening
  • Notification and installation of security updates
  • You can ask us for help if something goes wrong!

If this sounds interesting then you can order managed WordPress, see details of our other managed applications or contact us if you have questions.