Team Building

May 22nd, 2012 by

Yesterday Mythic Beasts and selected friends went to the Cambridge beer festival. Whilst there we saw a poster put up by the Son Of Sid brewery for a beer called codebreaker with a mysterious set of non-sensical characters at the bottom.  It took about a minute of staring knowingly before one of us said ‘well it’s not a substitution cipher’, followed by ‘I wish I had a laptop with me’ and before we knew it we had a crack team trying to break the cipher.

If you’d like to have a go yourself we suggest you get down to the beer festival, the breweries twitter feed says you have until Saturday to work it out. At the end there’s going to be a draw from all the successful entries to win a polypin of beer.

I don’t think we managed to save the world from a Hollywood style alien invasion but we had fun and drank beer at the same time.

EDIT: The official brewery twitter feed says,

Bob Mitchell ‏@sonofsidbrewery

One entry so far in the codebreaker competition @cambeerfest
12:27 PM - 22 May 12 via web · Details 

that was team Mythic.