Joining the London Internet Exchange

August 7th, 2013 by

We’ve now joined the London Internet Exchange and are present on both of their peering LANs for redundancy. We’re connected to the Juniper LAN in Sovereign House and the Extreme LAN in Harbour Exchange. We’re now connected to three peering exchanges – Edge-ix,LoNAP and LINX-juniper in Sovereign House, and two – LINX-extreme and LoNAP in Harbour Exchange.

You can see the current traffic over the LINX public exchanges here

which is best described as rather a lot. We’re in the process of setting up more direct peers in addition to the route servers which provided immediate peering with hundreds of ISPs and tens of thousands of routes. So many UK destinations are now a few hops shorter – which probably won’t be very noticeable – but we have improved redundancy and increased capacity.