Rocket Science

November 5th, 2013 by

Today is Guy Fawkes Night, when traditionally in the UK we launch fireworks to commemorate not blowing up King James I, the House of Lords and a large chunk of central London. Most modern firework displays use rather less gunpowder than the original plot in 1605.

At Mythic Beasts we think with the advent of four hundred years additional technology we should be aiming a bit higher. That’s why instead of buying fireworks we’ve donated some hosting to Southampton University Spaceflight. Certainly I (Pete) was incredibly inspired as a child by space flight and I remember watching the first untethered spacewalk as a child which motivated me strongly to learn all about rockets and space ships and from there to reverse engineer 8 bit computer games ultimately leading to running a hosting company.

This is of course the second university space program we’re helping out with – some of the tracking for Cambridge University Spaceflight is also done on servers hosted with us.