Migrating the Science Media Centre

November 12th, 2013 by

Over the past week or so we’ve given the Science Media Centre a hand in moving their WordPress site into a virtual machine hosted by Mythic Beasts. They’re a charity who work with journalists, scientists and engineers to try and improve the quality of science reporting and removing the misleading rubbish that otherwise gets written. Mythic Beasts is a company founded by science graduates who are very easily angered by terrible science articles in the papers. We’re hoping the saving on destroyed laptops and monitors will easily cover all the management and consultancy services we’ve donated.

If we have fewer idiotic articles proving that Coffee cures cancer* and Coffee causes cancer* and rather more articles that our talented university friends pioneer new cancer treatments we’ll consider the time and effort we’ve put in to helping them well spent.

* Actual links removed in the name of good taste. Here’s something more interesting to read, and if you’re still curious, you can look up coffee in the index.