More monitoring service improvements

June 30th, 2014 by

We’ve just rolled out a number of improvements to our server monitoring service. This service allows customers to receive SMS, email and prowl alerts about individual services.

Shared monitors for managed servers
Firstly, customers of our managed hosting service can now get access to the monitors that we have in place for your services through our control panel. Not only does this allow you to immediately check that we’re monitoring the right things, but you can add yourself to the alert list and be notified directly at the same time that we receive an alert.Managed Monitor screenshot

We’ll be rolling this out to existing managed hosting customers in due course, but drop us an email if you’d like to be enabled quickly.

Satellite monitoring nodes
Secondly, we can now deploy “satellite” monitoring nodes, allowing us to deploy a monitoring server behind your firewall that can report status back to our central monitoring system. This makes it possible to monitor machines and services that are only accessible from behind your firewall.

New monitor types
Thirdly, we’ve added some new monitor types:

  • DNS Black list monitoring – get an immediate alert if your mail server ends up on a black list
  • HTTP Status Code – check that a URL is returning a specific HTTP code
  • TCP connection – check that a server is accept TCP connections on an arbitrary port
More flexible alert lists
Finally, we’ve made alert lists more flexible, allowing you to add multiple groups of contacts to each monitor.

All of our servers come with free ping monitoring included. Enhanced monitoring of individual services can be added for just £5+VAT per month, and is included for managed hosting customers.