Difficult customers

November 4th, 2014 by

At Mythic Beasts we try very hard to keep our customers happy, and to do our absolute best to meet their requirements in requests, even if they’re occasionally a little bit unusual.

One of our long standing customers is refreshing some of their hardware, and we had the following exchange to sort out the details

customer> The following 8 servers have been decommissioned and now need removing: 

mythic-beasts> We can sort that for you. Do you want to collect the servers or shall we recycle them for you?

customer> The drives can be kept for spares but you can ditch the servers or make a fort out of them or something..

a 1U server fort

Now it’s not really our field of expertise, but we think we’ve got a reasonable start on building a defensible concentric castle although we ran out of servers before we could start building the outer curtain wall.