Virtual Servers – SSDs and disk upgrades

April 17th, 2015 by

cloud-ssd-red-150Following on from recent upgrades to RAM and bandwidth for our Virtual Servers, we’re pleased to announce upgrades to Virtual Server storage options.

We’ve launched a new range of SSD Virtual Servers, offering the ultimate in I/O performance. The range starts with our VPS2 SSD which replaces the 40GB disk in our standard VPS 2 with a 10GB SSD drive.

Like our spinning rust-based Virtual Servers, our SSD storage is local to the host machine, and connected as RAID 1 mirrored pairs to a controller with a battery-backup unit.  This allows us to safely enable a large write cache, further boosting write performance.

We’ve also doubled the disk space available with all of our full HDD-based Virtual Servers, so our basic VPS2 now includes 40GB of disk, 2GB RAM and 1TB of monthly bandwidth.

Existing customers can upgrade to the new storage capacity by typing “upgrade” on the admin console, and then adding new partitions or resizing existing partitions to make use of the new capacity.