Stormy weather, the clouds are growing.

August 26th, 2015 by


A customer of ours has been extending their private cloud. This adds another 160 cores, 160Gbps, 2TB of RAM and over half a petabyte of storage. On the left you can see the black mains cable, then the serial for out of bound configuration, then red cabling for 1Gbps each to our main network, then 20Gbps per server to the very secure private LAN on SFP+ direct attach.

The out of place yellow cable is network for the serial server above, and the out of place black one is serial to the 720Gbps switch which isn’t quite long enough to route neatly.

There’s a few more bits and pieces to add, but soon it will join their OpenStack cloud and substantially increase the rate at which their data gets crunched.