Of Raspberries and Reptiles

February 17th, 2015 by

Steven Allain

On Sunday night Pete was in the Hopbine and while buying some drinks the bartender asked him about his Raspberry Pi t-shirt and if he knew anything about it. One of the hazards of drinking in Cambridge is the barstaff are often considerably more knowledgable than you might expect at first.

Steven not only sells beer but is also a student at ARU studying zoology and has been using a Raspberry Pi and camera to look into monitoring and photographing things under water with motion detection. He commented that he’d just bought a Raspberry Pi model B+ and only a couple of weeks later the much faster model 2 B had come out and he wished he’d bought one of those instead, but as an impoverished student he couldn’t really justify replacing it.

Now we think taking photographs of fish and reptiles is pretty cool, so Pete took pity on him and gave him his model 2 Raspberry Pi in exchange for a future promise of some photographs of underwater things taken with his setup.

Ultimately this gets back to the real reason Mythic Beasts support Raspberry Pi. Not because it makes it cheap to run a formal curriculum for teaching in schools, but because it’s a catalyst for people to teach themselves. Steven may or may not have success in making a motion detecting under water camera but either way he’ll learn a lot in the process.

The mistake in all this? Not checking the Raspberry PI stock levels and Pete realising it’s going to take a few weeks before the replacement model 2 arrives – he’s back to his old much slower model B+ now and grumbling about it.

We’ll settle for pictures of Sea Bass with frickin’ Laser Beams