Happy Birthday to Raspberry Pi

March 2nd, 2015 by

Mythic Beasts has been supporting Raspberry Pi since we saw a small Atmel based prototype that Eben Upton was tremendously proud of and that we thought nobody would ever want. However, we’ve always been wary of betting against Eben and the fact we’re now providing enough bandwidth to download copies of N00BS considerably faster than we can make cups of coffee suggests that, much though it pains us to admit it, we might have been wrong and Eben might have been right.

On Saturday Pete went to join Raspberry Pi at their 3rd birthday party. It was a lot of fun. He drank beer brewed by a brewery controlled by Raspberry Pis, saw the magical RFID announcing machine declare Liz Upton ‘The Tyrannical Goddess of Time and Space’ which clearly had been set to maximum flattery mode. There was also a neat synthesiser with keyboards and a drum machine hooked up doing all the instrument synthesis on an original single core model B which resulted in this sort of Raspberry Jam:

ModMyPi also had a stock of quad core Pis meaning Pete was able to buy one in person for real money and skip the ordering delay on the ones he’s ordered online.


But mostly it was just great to see how far we’d come. At the original Raspberry Jam soon after launch in 2012 we met a lot of people who were exciting and fired-up with plans to do awesome things. Now lots and lots of awesome things have been done.


But I think it was Helen Lynn that summed it up best. She quietly said to me while surveying the amazing stuff in the room, ‘It really is loads better than when I was six’. Eben Uptons attempt to recreate the computers of his childhood in the 1980s has completely and utterly failed, it’s much cooler this time round.